Vision - Mission - Core Value


With a pioneering ambition and a strong focus on investing in human resources, technology and machinery systems, we strive to become a leading company in the area of industrial catering in Vietnam by December 2025 with 100 customers nationwide.


Providing customers with solutions for industrial catering with the best quality and the most cost-effective services.

Create the best working environment and the happiest life for all employees of the company in order to create opportunities for them to develop their own capacity and contribute values to the company and the society, thereby creating a good and full life for all employees and their families.


1. Kindness: The entire leadership team and staff of STAVI are always instilled with and practice kindness in all work actions and in daily life, live uprightly and honestly, and know how to live for themselves and for people. They are kind in thoughts, words and actions, and always treat each other in a cultured, moral and humane manner.

2. Customers are the center: We always consider customers as the center in every thought and action. Customer satisfaction is the goal for all of our activities.

3. Progressive: STAVI is always learning non-stop, ready to take on tasks, and ready to apply new ways of doing things.

4. Keeping promises: Keeping promises to customers, keeping promises to employees, keeping promises to leaders, keeping promises to colleagues, keeping promises to suppliers, etc. Keeping promises not only proves that we are trustworthy but also shows that we are responsible.

5. Take responsibility: Considering ourselves as the root of all problems to solve problems, without shirking responsibility, STAVI always finds solutions to solve problems better.

6. Love and support teammates: Love each other like a family and work together like a football team.

7. Integrity: Integrity, honesty, straightforwardness, and no deceit is always one of the core values ​​that all employees at STAVI are always instilled with and follow.