Set-up of industrial kitchen systems

With a team of experienced design and installation engineers, and practical experience in using industrial kitchens, STAVI will be an optimal choice for customers in choosing a contractor to set up a professional and highly practical kitchen system.

Other service

  • Provide industrial catering

    Thanks to its strength in human resources, fresh raw materials as well as modern equipment and machinery, STAVI is honored to have served more than 20 major partners nationwide: factories, schools, labor export centers, etc.

  • Restaurant services

    The 80's old street style restaurant chain with more than 40 delicious specialties from soft, sweet, young, clean premium heifers, etc. offers a complete culinary experience in the bustling old street space.

  • Food delivery services

    With the motto Health is gold, and safety for every meal, Ingredients are selected according to extremely strict safety procedures, and 100% have been certified by the Food Hygiene and Safety Administration.