Quality control process


Strict service quality control process, STAVI always ensures food safety for input materials with a strict control process and materials are always censored according to ISO standards to ensure food hygiene and safety, and the best quality of input materials.


Step 1: Check the delivery vehicle and delivery staff. Check the temperature of the delivery vehicle. Check the compliance of the delivery staff.
Step 2: Check vouchers and invoices. Are the documents valid? Do the delivery invoices match?
Step 3: Check goods and food. Use rapid test kits to test food safety. Sensory check: Use senses of sight, touch, smell according to goods entry standards
Step 4: Goods entry at warehouse, preliminary processing, and processing. Non-confirming goods are returned. If conforming, proceed to warehouse and preliminary processing.


Before processing
During processing
Before eating
24H: For each dish prepared to serve guests, the kitchen staff in charge are responsible for storing food samples within 24 hours as prescribed.